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PIL In Supreme Court For giving Scholarships To Minorities

A PIL has been filed in Supreme Court criticising the decision of Kerala Government for offering scholarships to the students of minority class without taking into account that they should be given on the basis of their merit and not only on the basis of their share in the over-all population. The Court further ruled that doing so was in sheer violation of accepted norms and was not in sync with Article 15(1) and 15 (4) of the constitution.

Remarkably, as per rule, in Kerala scholarships are allocated only in accordance with their population in the over-all population but what has been done by the state government is in sheer violation of the standard and norms set by the government while another petition filed on this matter is still pending before the court .In 2006, on the report of the Sachar Committee on the Social, Economic and Educational status of the Muslim Community of India, the Union Government had announced a scheme of ‘pre-matric scholarship for the minorities.

Kerala Govt. authorities have said that it has been done as per the Census carried out in 2001, which was to be updated after the 2011 Census. In 2008, in Kerala, the Paloli Committee was formed for implementing the recommendations of the Sachar Committee.


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