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Union Law Minister Goes Hammer and Tongue over Former Supreme Court Judge’s Remark

Legislature and Judiciary which are called the two important pillars of a democratic set-up. However, they have been time and again found in a slugfest which is harming the very ethos of that set-up.

The present case of upmanship between the two became visible when the Union Law Minister Kiren Rijju went hammer and tongue over former Supreme Court Judge B. N. Srikrishna on his remarks over freedom of expression in India and whether the judges of the country should be given freedom to express their own views.

Remarkably, the said judge during taking part in an interview while discussing Bilkis Bano’s case in which all the 11 people were set free by the Gujrat Government, Krishna during his interview admitted this thing vey honestly that things were in a very bad shape in the country. However, what went viral when his comments were indirectly referred to the Prime – Minister Modi.

Hitting out at the Central government, Krishna had even said that he was afraid that one day his residential premises may be raided and he may be sent to jail if he publicly said  that he didn’t like to see the face of the Prime –Minister.

In his response, the Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said  “Those people who speak all the time without any restrictions to abuse the popularly elected Prime Minister are crying about freedom of expression!

He further added “They will never talk about emergency imposed by Congress party and never dare to criticise some regional party Chief Ministers,”

Union Minister in a follow up post wrote that he did not know if a former judge of the Supreme Court had actually said this. “If it’s true then the statement itself is harming and bringing down the very glory of an institution that he himself had served.

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