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Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas’ is offering CLIC course to aspiring attorneys to obtain a LegalTech certification.

CAM, the most prominent law firm in India, today unveiled the CAM LegalTech and Innovation Certificate, the first-of-its-kind certification for legal technology and innovation (CLIC). The accreditation was introduced as part of CAM’s ongoing efforts to promote an innovative culture and the use of technology in the Indian legal industry. On September 5, 2022, the first batch of CLIC, another innovative service from CAM, begins. Thirty students will receive CLIC free of charge after being chosen by eight law colleges. First-year students will have access to top LegalTech products like Litera, Kira, CaseMine, and Ment for practical training and practice. CAM is pleased to work with all of these technology partners on this project as well as in its regular operations. CLIC students will also learn about problem-solving techniques based on “design thinking.”

“CAM has been ahead of the curve in adoption and implementation of technology in India’s legal sector,” Mr. Cyril Shroff, Managing Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, said in elaborating on the concept behind CAM LegalTech and Innovation Certificate (CLIC). This has been accomplished through a variety of internal and external projects and services. For instance, India’s LegalTech revolution was sparked by our incubator, Prarambh. We are staunchly committed to fostering ongoing technology advancement in the legal industry. Another first involves the firm’s investment in the legal sector’s future through CLIC, a ground-breaking educational programme designed to give a pool of professionals and lawyers a practical grasp of cutting-edge LegalTech solutions.

According to Komal Gupta, Chief Innovation Officer at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, “the biggest limiting factor in the adoption, usage, and development of LegalTech solutions in and for India has been the investment cost of access to international LegalTech software, the currently small pool of skilled LegalTech professionals, and longstanding traditional domestic practices.” We have been successful in successfully integrating the use of LegalTech into CAM’s culture throughout the years, which is essential for our lawyers to offer our clients cutting-edge legal services. We created the course totally through experiential and hands-on learning based on our expertise at CAM to develop an awareness of the necessity and advantages of LegalTech. We are confident that this course will help shape India’s future legal professionals by fostering a new breed of tech-savvy professionals who can provide cutting-edge client solutions and future-proof legal services both domestically and abroad.

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