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Young generation considers marriage evil thing : Kerala High Court

Sub heading : The top court further remarked that younger generation’s causal approach was leading to more an more break -ups

While accusing the present consumerist culture of ‘ use and throw away’ which has creeped in the lives of  young generation which is facing trouble in their married life due to this perception and resultantly, most of the  marriages ending in fatal incidents of divorce and such things taking place due to immaturity of the couples while dictating its terms in such a case,  the Kerala High Court in- course of dismissing a divorce decree remarked  that the younger generation’s casual approach was leading to more and more break-ups in married life. Significantly, the court’s remark has come in the case of one Libin Varghese Verses Rajani Anna Mathew’s case from the said state.  

In another remark, a Division Bench of the court which consisted of Justices A Muhamed Mustaque and Sophy Thomas also remarked that the increase in divorce cases, most of which were concerned with adultery can be considered as another reason for breaking as well as ruining married life.  

While lamenting over increasing number of such incidents in a state which is popularly known as the God’s own country the court further observed that India is a country which is known for its well knit family relationship, an increase in the number of such cases would certainly the image of the  state where family bondage never rested on sticky wickets. 

While terming  the current trends as the main reason for this sorry state of things which has nothing to do with the thing  that the break -up in some relationships had taken place due to the couples not having any children or may be due to some other flimsy reasons or it may be that the couples had extra-marital relationship , in such cases the court observed that children become its  biggest casualties.

The court even ruled that the parties to the marriage cannot separate from each- other by seeking the court’s assistance to obtain a divorce decree and by legalizing the extra-marital relationship. 

“ You cannot help legalize a person’s activities, which is itself illegal. If a husband who has entered into a filthy alliance with another woman wants to avoid his lawful wife and three young children, Court assistance cannot be sought to legitimize a present relationship by lawful marriage” , the court observed .

Vanshika Jaiswal
Vanshika Jaiswal


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