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Supreme Court start live streaming of court proceedings for General Public

History was made on August 27, when the proceedings from the Chief Justice’s Court in the Supreme Court (SC) were live streamed. By doing so, a new chapter in the Supreme Court’s history was scripted. Remarkably, in this regard, a full court sitting was held on September 20 during which a decision in this regard had been taken.

Now people can see with their own eyes see as to what was going inside the closed doors of the bars. About which even in filmy dialogues, ludicrous remarks such as “Band Darwaje Ke Peechhe Hota hai Kya’ were often came to be heard. However, there also exist a few concerns about the rationale behind doing.

In September 2018, the Supreme Court for the first time cleared the deck for live streaming of cases of national and constitutional importance. The reason for making streaming cases of constitutional as well as national importance is quite strong as such cases have a deep impact on various aspects of people’s lives. 

No doubt this is a trend-setter in our judiciary as the public ability to participate in court conversation by watching these proceedings will not just increase their literacy on legal matters it will also continuously engage them with the Constitution and laws.

However, there are a few plausible reasons to be cautious on an issue which is concerned with a matter of national importance at a time when it is an age of prevalence of social media as after making the court proceedings live, snippets of the judicial process which once being available in the public domain, will become open to both sensationalism and disinformation

It is a well-accepted truth that the judiciary must have credibility in the eyes of the public as an institution, but decisions in individual cases are not expected to be popular. This makes sense as the Constitution requires the judiciary to undo laws and decisions that are unconstitutional, even though they are made by a popular government it should be known that the judges of constitutional courts are sworn to on the basis of their constitutional morality and not due to their popular morality.

Supreme Court Proceeding live link –

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Anjani Kumar
Anjani Kumar

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