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I want to be known as the advocate of the advocates not as their leader: Senior Advocate Jatan Singh

Vice President of Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) Senior Advocate Jatan Singh while talking with our Senior Correspondent Varun Jauhari shared his life experience and the difficulty he faced being a first-generation lawyer.

Senior Advocate Jatan Singh

He enrolled as an advocate in 1998. Being the first man to be a lawyer in his family he has given his tips to first generation lawyers to face the challenges in their legal career. He himself faced so many difficulties like searching for a good senior lawyer to work under to enhance their legal career or an office or environment to enhance his legal career. 

Life Experiences

He was fortunate to work under Senior Advocate Late R K Naseem, prominent criminal lawyer and Advocate Kashmiri Lal. With the help of these two lawyers, he learned the art of practice. He dedicated his achievements of life in the legal profession to them. 

Work done by Jatan Singh to help First-Generation Lawyer

It becomes difficult for new generations lawyers to find a good office to work with a senior advocate, this will only help when a new lawyer starts doing the internships. 

Jatan Singh as a Vice president of Delhi High Court Bar Association worked for the benefits of new generation lawyers. He with the help of the Bar Association of India reduced the subscription fees to admire as a lawyer for new lawyers. 

He also increased the consultation room and evidence recording facility for the lawyers to sit there with Rs 200 per hour for work or case discussion with the clients. 

For the welfare of the lawyer with help of the Bar Association of India opened the placement cell for new lawyers. 

Now the things which are under process are to maintain the cafeteria and sports facilities and resolve the network issue or technology issue such as wifi facilities etc for the study of new lawyers.

The new lawyers skill development starts from the college by participating or doing moot court, it will sharpens their skills. The young lawyers must observe and assist their seniors in the court and watch their mannerisms to do arguments in the court. 

He also shared his views about the technology helping in the judicial system and influencing the court system by quoting a beautiful maxim, Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done”.  Transparency is the heart of the judicial system and to win the confidence of the client or public the judicial system has to be transparent.  

Luck plays a great role in the legal profession or while fighting the case. And a new lawyer has to be good in observation and watch lawyers and judges. And give attention to them and listen to them.  

He concluded his words by stating himself as a representative of Bar Association not as leader because he wants to be a advocate of the advocates which means a representative to the Bar Association of India. 

Vanshika Jaiswal
Vanshika Jaiswal

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