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Petition filed in Supreme Court against Ajay Devgan starrer movie ‘Thank God’

The Supreme Court has taken up the case involving the movie “Thank God.” A petition was filled by Shree Chitragupta Welfare Trust asking for a delay in the release of the Ajay Devgan, Sidharth Malhotra, and Rakulpreet starrer “Thank God.”

The petition demanded that the movie Thank God not be allowed to be shown online or in theatres. The CBFC, producer Bhushan Kumar, director Indra Kumar, and actor Ajay Devgan have been added as parties to the Shree Chitragupta Welfare Trust’s suit.

The petition alleges that Lord Chitragupta was disrespected in the movie. By disparaging Lord Chitragupta, the Kayastha community’s emotions were hurt. The Kayastha community is known for its worship of Lord Chitragupta. The Lord Chitragupta insult is intolerable to the Kayastha society. The film’s release could damage the nation’s calm and serenity and sow turmoil.


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