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Mukul Rohatgi: The next Indian Attorney General

Mukul Rohatgi is anticipated as the 14th Fourteenth Attorney General of India. According to sources, on account of his knowledge, the administration had eventually decided on Rohatgi for a top constitutional position while looking for candidates to succeed the incumbent A-G, K K Venugopal as he had informed the administration that he no longer desired to hold the position.

Mukul Rohatgi was born in the year 1955. In May 1978, Rohatgi was accepted as an advocate on the roster of the Delhi Bar Council. At the comparatively early age of 39, the Delhi High Court named him a Senior Advocate in 1994. He was appointed by the Indian government as an additional solicitor general in November 1999; his appointment lasted till the change of government in May 2004. He has handled numerous cases in the Supreme Court as well as in various High Courts while working for the Government of India, representing not only the Union Government but also various State Governments and Public Sector Enterprises. He was appointed India’s Attorney General in June 2014.

Rohatgi graduated from Delhi University’s Commerce (Honors) programme in 1975 and later earned his LLB from Bombay University in 1978. The Fakir Mohan University in Odisha awarded him a doctorate in law in 201. In addition to this, he has also an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD) from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, in November 2016. Several international law conferences and seminars have invited Mr. Rohatgi to participate and present papers. He was selected by the then Chief Justice of India to represent India at the Indo-British Legal Forum in Scotland in 2006, where he gave a presentation on the “Impact of Environmental Law on Human Rights.” The Australian Government and the High Court of Australia, the country’s highest court, sent an invitation to him to attend the Indo-Australian Legal Forum in Canberra, Australia in March 2015. He was invited to participate in the 13th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SC Member States) Prosecutors General Meeting, which the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted in Astana in August 2015.

In July 2017, Venugopal took over as the 15th A-G for a three-year term. The 91-year-old Venugopal had asked to be removed from his position due to his advanced age when his three-year term ended in 2020. Venugopal complied with the request from the central government to keep the position of power for an additional term, but he only agreed to a one-year extension. Venugopal had already expressed a desire to step down from his position as attorney general.

He was appointed Special Prosecutor and paid Rs. 1.20 crore by the Maharashtra government in the well-known case looking into the passing of CBI Special Judge BH Loya. Rohatgi applauded the Supreme Court’s decision after it dismissed the petition calling for an investigation into his death in April 2018.

One of the most well-known lawyers in India, Rohatgi has won a number of significant trials, including the Gujarat riots case when he defended the Gujarat government. He also dealt with Aryan Khan, the son of Shahrukh Khan, was accused of using drugs, and Rohatgi defended that high-profile case as well. He showed up for his planned appearance in front of the Bombay High Court for his bail request.

Ahir Mitra
Ahir Mitra

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