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Letter against SC Judge Chandrachud condemned by BCI as malicious and baseless

The Bar Council of India has denounced the actions taken by some entrenched interests to damage Justice DY Chandrachud’s reputation as a Supreme Court nominee. Justice Chandrachud is fully revered throughout the country.

The letter to the Supreme Court nominee was criticised by the BCI as being nasty and unfounded. The Supreme Court found Pathan accountable for bringing false and unfounded charges against Supreme Court judges in a contempt petition, according to the BCI and had also filed a complaint against Justice Chandrachud.

According to the reports The BCI stated, “Justice D. Y. Chandrachud, the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court, has been the target of a complaint filed by a man named R. K. Pathan, who claims to be the president of the “Supreme Court and High Court Litigant Association. On the eve of Judge Chandrachud’s appointment as Chief Justice of India, certain people, among whom we know that 2-3 Advocates of Mumbai are also there, purposefully made such a post and letter by Mr R. K. Pathan viral.”

The BCI stated that “after carefully examining the 165-page letter’s contents, it has concluded that these are nothing more than a scurrilous and malicious attempt to obstruct the judiciary’s ability to carry out its duties and the administration of justice.”

The second complaint against Justice Chandrachud was that he ignored to established legal precedent when he rejected a plea that contested the limitations imposed on those who had not received the Covid Vaccine.

The Council responded to this claim by stating that “such rulings are granted by the Courts in the execution of judicial duties as a judge on the merits of the case and such a complaint based on such unsubstantiated and false charges is clearly disgraceful.”

The Indian Bar Association has consistently supported the idea that the institution should be strengthened, as have the State Bar Associations across the nation. The Bar Association is there to defend the Judiciary so that it may function independently, without fear or favour, so that our Supreme Court and the Superior Courts can defend our Constitution and democracy. Our judges should not come outward to defend themselves such kind of outrageous and unfounded attacks. The Indian Bar Association appeals to the dignitaries to whom this scandalous letter is addressed, the honorable members of the Bar Association, as well as the responsible citizens of our nation, to ignore such unfounded postings and to dissuade those anti-institutionalists who engage in defaming the judiciary and persistently work to weaken the Supreme Court.

Ahir Mitra
Ahir Mitra

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