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High Court orders Delhi Police to find 3-year-old son of Ukrainian mother

Delhi High Court ordered the Delhi Police on Wednesday to find an Indian man and his three-year-old son from Ukraine, who are alleged to have been taken unlawfully to India during the ongoing Ukraine-Russian conflict.

The mother of the child, a Ukrainian woman, told the court that while she and her ex-husband had split and a Ukrainian court had given her custody of the child, the guy had abducted their son without telling her.

“Finding your son is the top priority.” You will then be heard by us. If more information is required, we will ask for it once your son has been discovered: Justices Siddharth Mridul and Amit Sharma’s bench stated.

The High Court stated November 14 for a follow-up hearing after giving the Center and Delhi governments’ attorneys time to get guidance on the case.

The bench instructed central government standing counsel Ajay Digpaul, who was arguing for the Ministry of External Affairs, that all they needed to know was if the man and his kid had entered India.

In addition, it stated that the Delhi Police was to track down the father and his three-year-old minor child and ask them to appear in court as soon as possible.

The woman claimed that the man had been seen somewhere in Assam and Bihar; thus, the HC informed the woman’s attorney, “Why did you not go to the Guwahati High Court when you knew he was in Guwahati?” Now, it will be tough for the Delhi Police to find them. “Since you are going to the Delhi High Court, it is your own case that he was seen in Assam or Bihar.” The petitioner claimed that her ex-husband abducted her minor son on March 23, after he had taken the boy for a walk and failed to come back. The man was given visiting privileges to their little son after they divorced.

Ahir Mitra
Ahir Mitra

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