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Celebrating 75 years of Independence

(Story written by Attorney General of India, R. Venkataramani )

Why is it important to celebrate an event like the day of independence of our country ? Why is it important to talk about justice administration in the context of Independence Day? Why is it important to debate what contributions have been made by our courts to enrich the contours of freedom – freedoms for all citizens to be able to live meaningful lives and pursue all means to autonomy and freedom to the nation to be able to contribute to the equal well being of all peoples . We need not debate on why freedom is important. The terrible lessons of the past century have taught us that freedoms are non-negotiable.

While we have passed through a minor dark age of suppression of freedoms during emergency we have learnt that the country will not barter away or take away citizens freedoms. The planting of this deep yearning or commitment to freedoms in citizens it must be said is the contribution of the superior courts mostly the Supreme Court of India. If today, it is said that the governments cannot act whimsically in any aspect of governance or discriminate with an evil eye, we have come the high way of justice within a short span of time, while many nations are still debating on the paths of freedoms and their availability for all. The deep imprints of liberty, promotion of gender justice as a dimension of a just social order sown by the Supreme Court and zealously protected by courts are invaluable. We are told by courts and we retell the courts that with liberty all things move and with liberty all things are achieved.

We may notice that several parts of the world are looking at what our courts have achieved in a short span of time.

If all of us are enabled to access justice without discrimination and despite all the constraints of resources courts do respond and answer fundamental questions it is important to talk about freedoms. Given the hugeness of our population the task of answering all demands of justice is daunting. But regardless of fringe protests on the delivery deficits it is important to celebrate this day not as ritual but as solemn commitment to ensure social, economic and political justice to those who still stand at the bottom of the social ladder. Our celebration of independence can only be a commitment to talk, take and deliver justice to the most deserving and to the most in urgent need of justice.

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