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Wearing Hijab in Schools not mandatory, Says Solicitor General Tushar Mehta

Amidst Supreme Court Judges’ Bench hearing in Karnataka hijab row of Karnataka which is continuing even on Wednesday, Solicitor General of India Tushar Mehta while intervening in the matter said that mandating to wear hijab in schools was not acceptable while saying so, he also cited many instances to prove his point. He even said that doing so can’t be made a necessary custom. He even said that such a thing has not been mentioned in the Koran which is considered one of the highest-rated books for Muslims.

It is remarkable to note that Solicitor General Mehta who is known to have given exhaustive arguments previously on this issue said in the top court that mandating a particular uniform should not be considered as a part of maintaining discipline in institutions where our young ones study who don’t know whether putting a particular dress was necessary.

Citing an example, the Solicitor General of India said to take for instance, if I say someone kills my brother how I can sit back silently unless and until I don’t take an act of revenge. Thus, it makes this thing clear that my reprisal act will not be considered a subject of religious practice. He further said,” If all students wear a particular uniform which is generally practiced in our schools it manifests that they are following a similar norm. He further said that if I say that I believe in education where all the students irrespective of their castes and creeds behave uniformly, in that case, my religious identity should not manifest the thing that I come from a particular.”

While presenting a comparative analysis on dress code in two kinds of institutions, one an observatory and another in a school, Solicitor General observed that where students studying in an observatory can put saffron color slam, whereas for students reading in a Madrasa, he can wear a round cap. He further said that if we select a school for our children which believes in practicing a secular uniform, it will not be necessary for them to follow a uniform dress.

Anjani Kumar
Anjani Kumar

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