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The Allahabad High Court has organized a conclave of lawyers to explore ways and means to expedite the settlement of traffic accident claims

The Allahabad High Court on Sunday organized a Lawyers` Conclave on “Exploring the Ways and Means for Expeditious Disposal of Motor Accident Claims and Discussion on New Amendments in M.V. Act, 1988”. 

This Conclave was addressed by Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal through a virtual platform who quoted many instances of Punjab & Haryana and district Mathura in Uttar Pradesh where delayed compensation to the dependents became meaningless and hoped that quick disposal of these matters will be made in future. 

The conclave was held under the aegis of Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal and was organized by the Committee to Monitor and Suggest Steps for Expeditious Disposal of Cases Related to Motor Accident Claims pending before the High Court and Motor Accident Claims Tribunals throughout the State of U.P. 

 Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhyaya, Judge, Allahabad High Court at Lucknow & Chairman, Supervisory Committee, JTRI also addressed the conclave by saying that the new amendments in Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 have made the law comprehensive and detailed about road safety, transportation system, and electronic monitoring of roads. 

He also said that the new amendments also take care of the environment, invention, and free medical assistance to the injured in the first forty-eight hours by the insurance companies. He appealed that the technical sessions should be more interactive, participative, and solution finding for the existing problems, particularly the issue of delay in the disposal. 

In addition, Attau Rehman Masoodi, Judge of the Supreme Court of Lucknow, Allahabad, and member of the Commission for Supervising and Drafting Motor Vehicle Accident Claim said at the conclave in the matter of motor vehicle accident claims should be addressed quickly to provide relief to the family members who have lost their beloved in a motor accident. Talked about speedy rulings. Lost, accident and very important. 

 He also appealed to the participants to engage in dialogue at the conclave and cooperate fully in the speedy resolution of these cases. 

 The participants included lawyers from Allahabad High Court, Lucknow, mediation lawyers from Allahabad High Court, Lucknow, and insurance company lawyers. It was attended by 39 lawyers from the Oudh Bar Association and insurance companies and 07 lawyers mediators from the Allahabad High Court, Lucknow. 

During the working sessions of the Lawyers Conclave, various subjects were discussed, such as new amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988,  new systems, compensation, recovery, appeals, and expedited disposal by Lok-Adalat, obstacles to prompt disposal, etc. rice field. discussed in detail. 

Former Judge Justice V.C. Gupta,  Allahabad High Court, J.N. Mishra, Advocate, Suresh Her Panjwani, Advocate,  Pooja Her Arora, Advocate, addressed participants during the working session. 

 Amrendra Nath Tripathi, Secretary General, Oudh Bar Association, High Court, Lucknow, in his address to the participants, urged them to take all steps to expedite the case.

Varun Jauhari
Varun Jauhari


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