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SC Slams Nupur Sharma On Her Remark On Religious Comments : Lets Limelight The Opinions

The bench of Justice Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala in the Supreme Court on Friday unleashed a barrage of critical observations serrating former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and accused her of igniting the country and damaging the social fabric with her allegedly blasphemous comments against the Prophet, resulting in the unfortunate beheading of a tailor in Udaipur. 

This left Nupur Sharma with no option but to withdraw her petition. Nupur had moved the Supreme Court saying she and her family members are constantly receiving rape and death threats after she retorted to disrespectful comments by a religious leader against the ‘Shivling’, comparing it to a fountain. 

The court also made a reference to the Udaipur killing during the hearing and said with her loose tongue made irresponsible comments without thinking of the consequence.

I have come across so many posts on social media about the statement made by Nupur Sharma, positive and negative both. As we all live in a democratic country, where a number of people have a number of opinions, some are in favour of defending Nupur Sharma and supporting her on his remark. The citizens have adopted various ways to support her. Some have caused riots by holding a slogan of “We support Nupur Sharma.” Even the politicians and famous celebrities were in support of her. Some stated that if supporting our religion makes people rebel then we are happy to be a rebel. 

Pictures of people showing Support for Nupur Sharma

The controversial AIMIM leader and former Maharashtra MLA Waris Pathan were seen insisting on Muslims in an open threat to the Hindus, Pathan resorted to inciting Muslims by stating that the time has come for the Muslims of the country to unite and ‘achieve freedom’. Pathan had, openly warned Hindus to be scared of Muslims and reminded them of the ‘consequences’ when Muslims confront them.

Controversial AIMIM MLA and brother of Asaduddin Owaisi, not once but several times, reiterated his 15 minutes infamous speech against Hindus which he had made in 2012. In 2012, he had made a highly inflammatory speech asking to remove the police for 15 minutes so that he could finish off 100 crores of Hindus. 

These are the threat speeches highlighted by the people in defending Nupur Sharma stating that “Why only Nupur Sharma, does the above speeches doesn’t ignite the country,  why does she get so much hate, why not are the other people getting that hatred who in past had made such religious remarks why only she? Does she get so much hate just because she is a woman and as per the ancient era woman always has to keep quiet? all these questions are rising in the mind of people. Now as per her petition for getting a rape threat why does she is not getting protection like another girl gets in such kind of crucial case. 

On the other hand, the people who are against Nupur Sharma have made remarks showing hatred against her. AIMIM Owaisi was quoted as saying in a news agency,  “Nupur Sharma is not being arrested. As per the law, she should be arrested. She has not been arrested for so many days. Why don’t you arrest her and take legal action against her? Who is stopping you?” 

Protest against Nupur Sharma

Several Arab countries including Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia had registered protests with the Indian government over remarks made by BJP members Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal against the Prophet Mohammad. 
People are protesting against her and filed a petition in a court to make her arrest. As per them, her statement raised religious fights and hurt religious emotions for Muslims. People are shouting at her and calling her a bloody hypocrite and a liar.

Vanshika Jaiswal
Vanshika Jaiswal


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