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Supreme Court dismisses Tamil Nadu’s pleas against Madras HC order allowing RSS marches in state

The Supreme Court dismissed the Tamil Nadu government’s appeal against the Madras High Court order allowing the RSS route through the state. On February 10, the Madras High Court allowed Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) marches despite opposition from the state.

The state government cited potential law and order problems in opposing the marches. The state government appealed the apex court’s order in the Supreme Court, but a bench headed by V. Ramasubramanian and Pankaj Mithal dismissed the appeal on Tuesday. On March 3, the Tamil Nadu government told the Supreme Court that it did not fully oppose the RSS marches and public meetings across the state on March 5, but they could not be held in every street or place, citing intelligence on possible secret services. threatens the orderly situation.

Mahesh Jethmalani, a senior activist representing the RSS, argued that the freedom to assemble peacefully without arms under Article 19(1)(b) cannot be restricted without a very good reason. “Nothing violent was reported from the places where these marches were conducted,” Jethmalani said, adding that RSS members were attacked where they were sitting peacefully.

The state government filed a fresh appeal challenging the original order of September 22, 2022, asking the Tamil Nadu police to consider the RSS representation and grant permission to hold the programs unconditionally. The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing on March 17 after learning that the state had filed a new appeal.


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