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Sex-Workers Are Equally Entitled To All Rights Available To Citizens : Supreme Court

Supreme Court (SC) recently observed that sex-workers were equally entitled to all rights which are available to citizens. However, they cannot claim special treatment.
New Delhi: Supreme Court (HC) recently gave an important verdict in which it ruled that like other citizens of the country, sex -workers were also entitled to all rights. Court observation came in wake of Supreme Court asking courts to handle sexual harrassment cases with care which were of sensitive nature. The court verdict has come in favor for the survivors of the case as the process of dispensing justice takes too much time and many of the survivors had died before justice was meted out to them. In its further ruling, the top court asked for completing cross examination of survivor in one sitting, so that justice was done to the victim without taking too much time.
A bench comprising Justices DY Chandrachud and JB Pardiwala said that the cross examination of the survivor should be conducted in camera as well as done in one sitting.
The court further ruled that the trial courts should be aware of the fact that a survivor already suffered from sexual violence and subsequent trauma and therfore, lengthy proceedings should not make her life more difficult.
The apex court on further maintained that the proceeding must be held in a respectable way without asking embarrassing questions to the victim related with her sexual history.
“The trial courts have a duty and responsibility to deal with the victims in an appropriate way by allowing the in camera proceedings”
The court also said that the trial courts should have a screen where the victim does not have to see the face of the accused while testifying before the court. and the accused should not be present in the court while she was recording her testimony.
The court also said that the lawyer of the accused should conduct the cross examination in a respectable way without asking inappropriate questions.

Anjani Kumar
Anjani Kumar

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