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SC refuses to shift conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar from Mandoli prison

The Supreme Court turned down a new request from alleged “conman” Sukesh Chandrashekhar to be transferred from the city’s Mandoli jail to any other jail that is not run by the Director General of Prisons, Delhi.

The bench decided against being involved in this case. The bench stated, “We don’t approve this type of behaviour and cannot see any reason to consider the petition,”

An order issued by the top court in August, Chandrashekhar, who had been first detained at Tihar jail, was moved to Mandoli jail. The apex court granted Chandrasekhar’s request for relocation to any other jail, preferably one outside of Delhi, after he claimed that some prison authorities in Tihar were endangering his life and safety.

However, the Enforcement Directorate had suggested that he be sent to Mandoli jail while it investigated the money laundering allegation against him.

The Director General, Delhi Prisons, claimed in an earlier affidavit that Chandrashekhar’s allegations that he had been assaulted in custody were vehemently denied as completely false and fabrications for the secondary purpose of seeking transfer to another prison to repeat his misdemeanours and crimes.

The ED had made some shocking allegations against Chandrashekhar on June 20, including that he had engaged in money laundering, extortion, and impersonating public figures, including those in positions of constitutional authority. The ED had also opposed his request to have his prison transferred outside of Delhi.

The Supreme Court rejected Chandrashekhar’s request for a transfer to a different jail that was not run by the current Delhi Director-General of Prisons. Along with allegations of money laundering, Chandrashekhar was detained for fraud and extortion.

The imprisoned conman was asked to give the names of the Tihar jail employees to whom he paid over Rs 12.5 crores in order to secure a luxurious existence within the jail by the Supreme Court.

Ahir Mitra
Ahir Mitra

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