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In a rare move SC bench hears cases till 9.10pm, against the usual court timings till 4pm

In a first in the Supreme Court today, one of the benches, headed by Justice Dr Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud, and Justice Hima Kohli, creats a rare record of conducting the court proceedings from 10.30am till 9.10pm (With the normal breaks).

Generally, the Supreme Court’s proceedings starts at 10.30am and went upto 4pm. Although the Supreme Court at times held Court proceedings at even night, but never a court sat from 10.30am amd rose at 9.10pm.

“When the bench sat at 10.30am today, they may have thought of without adjourning any matter, and give a detailed hearing to all the cases listed for hearing today, a lawyer, Deewakar Singh, who was present in the court and representing one of his clients said, “The bench, led by Justice Chandrachud, heard 75 different cases, today from morning 10.30 am till 9.10 pm.

The Apex Court will be shut for Dussehra vacation next week from October 03 till October 07, and today was the last working day before the same.

Before rising, the bench in its goodwill gesture thank all the lawyers and the court staff for being there and working till 9.10 pm.

Another lawyer, Radhakant Tripathy, said that “it is a good move by Justice Chandrachud bench. “It will create a very good positive impact on lawyers and particularly the young ones, society at large and may bridge the gap of pendency of cases to a great extent,”


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