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Rajya Sabha Member Viswam Files Application In Supreme Court Against Subramanian Swamy ‘s Remark

Rajya Sabha Member Binoy Viswam who represents Communist Party of India (CPI) in the Upper House has moved an application in Supreme Court against former Union Minister Subramnain Swamy for his unpalatable jibes.

It is said that Swamy maintains a record of targeting several ministers including the then Prime – Minister Indira Gandhi and a person even targeted Prime -Minister Narendra Modi on India’s stand over recent Sino -India stand -off in Tibet and who is also known as a person who has been engaged in slugfests with the Opposition over several key issues even concerning with national prestige and who was equally unhappy with former Union Minister Arun Jaitley for his policies.

In a recent case of his tongue lashing, he went on to ask for deleting words like socialist and secular from the Preamble of the Constitution against which Communist Party of India (CPI) leader and Rajya Sabha member Binoy Viswam has moved the Supreme Court against Swamy.

In his impleadment application filed through his advocate Sriram Parakkat and which was drawn by advocate Mahesh Menon, Viswam charged that Swamy’s plea was an absolute abuse of law and was devoid of merit and therefore, it is required to be dismissed with exemplary costs.

Remarkably, Swamy’s charges also challenges the 42nd amendment in the Constitution which considers India as a sovereign, socialist, secular as well as democratic republic.

Taking an exception to Swamy’s remarks , Rajya Sabha member Viswam in his application which he moved before the Top Court contented he “It is most respectfully submitted that the challenge here is surreptitiously coded as a challenge to the 42nd Amendment. However, the only intention of this petition is to enable a political party to seek votes in name of religion.”

In his application Viswam also charged that petition was filed with a zeal to appeal for votes in the name of the religion by the political parties.

Anjani Kumar
Anjani Kumar

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