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Bar Council Of Delhi Will Impart Skills To Advocates , Academic Trust Coming Up In Rouse Avenue 

BCD chairman Murari Tiwari revels the snapshots of this novel initiative aiming to hone up skills and traits of the trade to enhance their income and practice

Bar Council of Delhi is going to set up a ‘Lawyers Academy Trust’ in Delhi for new lawyers coming into the profession of advocacy, whose foundation stone will be laid in the premises of Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi. Talking about the Lawyers Academy Trust, Bar Council of Delhi Chairman Murari Tiwari also said that a national level seminar will also be organized in Delhi to improve the economic and social conditions of the new lawyers in the month of August.

Murari Tiwari, Chairman, Bar Council of Delhi with his Lawyers Team

An interview with Khurram Nizami, Senior Editor of The Legal Observer Magazine, is based on the pros and cons of the legal profession. Advocate Murari Tiwari is a Chairman of the Delhi Bar Council and have discussed the significant issues or actions performed under his guidance to make the legal profession much more robust in the coming time. 

As we all know that the world was suffering from the epidemic of coronavirus due to which many people and their businesses faced a lot of problems. Somehow some businesses were able to manage but the legal professionals struggled a lot in those days. 

To minimize the problems of legal professionals, Advocate Murari Tiwari shared with us the action which had taken by the Bar Council of Delhi (BCD)  to help the advocates by restoring the physical hearings and offered financial helps to all the Delhi Bar Associations as a token of help. 

Murari Tiwari with His Younger Brother Advocate Tripurari Tiwari

As he also shared the major problem faced by the legal professionals was a lack of physical hearings, as virtual hearings are not a cup of tea for every advocate to maintain a high-class technology. 

Many upcoming advocates are still facing the issue of maintaining their careers and struggling in the legal profession to overcome this problem Advocate Murari Tiwari shared his views on how to rectify or overcome this problem. 

As he said it is just a problem with the system of working due to which some are getting a higher opportunity and the rest are still struggling to get an opportunity. To minimise this and to reduce the financial disparity among the legal professional the Chairman is going to conduct seminars to discuss his point. 

Murari Tiwari with His Younger Brother Advocate Tripurari Tiwari

Advocate Murari Tiwari shared about the Lawyers Academic trust which will build for the new generation of lawyers to provide them with the benefits to maintain their legal profession and growth and help them not to struggle as they used to do in their profession. Lawyers’ academic trust will consist of eminent law faculty to guide and develop the lawyers to make the lawyers stand at that level. 

The challenging part for legal professionals is the welfare of the lawyers and to fight against that challenge Advocate Murari Tiwari suggested that there will be a budgetary policy at the Central level so that every advocate feels protected and secure in case of any medical agencies and other.  

Advocate Murari Tiwari enlighted us with his words and quoted that “ Judge and Advocate is a wheel of the same chariot” which means the argument presented by the advocate in front of the judge and the judgement will come on this basis. If advocates are pleading and arguing correctly then the judgement will be also correct. 

With the help of the government, the justice delivery system will get better and strong. 

Khurram Nizami
Khurram Nizami

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