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13000 websites blocked by the Madras HC in order to stop Vikram Vedha piracy

The Madras High Court directed blocking more than 13,000 websites to stop the film Vikram Vedha from being pirated. Reliance Entertainment Studio Pvt Ltd. filed the lawsuit in which the temporary injunction was granted. 

The Bench ordered that “for this purpose if blocking of websites/web pages set out in Schedule-A to judge’s summons becomes necessary, the same shall be done by all concerned” and restrained the respondents from violating the copyright in the movie to prevent transmission, communication, display, and exhibition of the movie.

The Court also issued an injunction prohibiting the respondents from recording, reproducing, allowing camcording, allowing others to transmit, communicate, or make available, duplicating, releasing, showing, uploading, downloading, exhibiting, playing, and/or communicating the movie in any other way without a valid licence, including through CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, VCD, Cable TV, Direct to home services, and internet services

Since the Court determined that imposing notice would cause delay and negate the purpose of providing an interim relief, the injunction was granted ex-parte.

On the interim applications in the copyright infringement lawsuit that were filed through PK Law Firm on the day the movie was released, an interim injunction has been granted for a term of six weeks.

According to Mr. Pradeep Jaiswal, VP of Finance of Reliance Entertainment Studios, the blocking of websites listed in Schedule-A to the judge’s summons will result in the blocking of more than 13000 websites. The movie, starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, was released in theatres on Friday.

Ahir Mitra
Ahir Mitra


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