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Morbi Bridge Collapse Shows Complete Negligence of Government Authorities: PIL filed in SC

In the Public Interest Litigation filed by Attorney Vishal Tiwari, it is requested that a Judicial Commission be appointed to launch an investigation into the Morbi Bridge collapse under the supervision of retired Supreme Court Judge.

In order to ensure environmental viability and safety, it has been requested that the state governments organise a commission to survey and analyse the risk of ancient and dangerous monuments and bridges.

The 135-year-old suspension bridge, which had been closed for more than seven months for maintenance and reconstruction work, fell on Sunday night, four days after it was reopened.

Under IPC Sections 304  and 308, the police have filed a FIR against the “agencies responsible for maintenance and management” of the bridge all those whose name of merged during the time of investigation. 9 people were detained.

According to police all are connected to Oreva Group, the company hired to maintain and run the bridge. According to senior police officer Ashok Kumar Yadav, they are being looked into for culpable homicide that is not murder. At a news conference, he stated, “Of these nine, two work as managers and two work as ticket booking clerks at the bridge site. Two individuals hired to fix the building as well as two bridge security employees make up the other five accused. Oreva didn’t react right away when they heard about the arrests.

Earlier, a company spokeswoman stated: “While we are awaiting further information, it appears that the bridge fell because there were too many people attempting to sway it from one direction to the other in the middle.”

CJI U.U. Lalit, listed the matter on November 14, 2022. As per counsel Tiwari, the 141-year-old suspension bridge that was dangling over the Machchuu River collapsed due to carelessness and a complete lack of administration on the part of the government officials.

He contends that a reasonable duty of care and up-front repair and development effort may have prevented the accident.

He also stated that the bridge reopened last week following maintenance and repairs. But in a short period of time, the bridge gave way, sending individuals plummeting into the river and ultimately meeting their deaths, he claimed. It asks for guidance on how to organise a committee that will evaluate and assess the risk of ancient and dangerous monuments and bridges in order to ensure environmental sustainability and safety.

Ahir Mitra
Ahir Mitra

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