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Kerala Court prohibits Kantara producers from playing the song “Varaha Roopam” after a copyright lawsuit brought by Thaikkudam Bridge

Kerala High Court prohibited the producers of Rishabh Shetty’s movie “Kantara” from including the song “Varaha Roopam” in the picture. According to a court’s ruling in the Kozhikode district of the state, the song’s creators are not permitted to perform it without first obtaining Thaikkudam Bridge’s permission.

Thaikkudam Bridge is a well-known band from Kerala. The choice was made after Thaukkudam Bridge sued the creators of the Kannada movie “Kantara” for copyright infringement. They claimed that the filmmakers violated the song “Navarasam’s” copyright.

In a statement, Thakkudam Bridge said that the Principal District and Sessions Judge in Kozhikode had made a ruling about a lawsuit the group had filed against the producers of “Kantara” for allegedly violating the copyright to its song “Navarasam.”

The band previously released a statement that said, “We would like to let our listeners know that the Thaikkudam Bridge is in no way connected to Kantara. Because of the obvious auditory similarities between our intellectual properties, “Navarasam” and “Varaha Roopam,” copyright rules are being flagrantly violated. We believe that the distinction between “inspired” and “plagiarised” is clear and unmistakable, and we will pursue legal action against the creative team in question.

The song is promoted by the film’s creative team as an original composition, and our ownership of the content has not been acknowledged. We kindly ask for your cooperation and urge you to let others know about this. Additionally, we want our other artists to express their opinions about music copy right protection. “

The director, producer, music composer, and streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, Wynk Music, Spotify, Jiosavan, and others were prohibited from playing “Varaha Roopam” without first getting permission from the band, according to the band’s statement. After “Kantara” debuted in theatres on September 30, claims of copyright infringement against the movie and its composer, B. Ajaneesh, Loknath, for one of its songs quickly surfaced. Kantara’s song “Varaha Roopan” is purportedly a rip-off of the band’s song “Navarasam,” which was released five years ago, claims Thaikkudam Bridge. The band also announced on social media that they were unrelated to the movie “Kantara” and that they would file a lawsuit.

The box office for “Kantara,” directed and written by Rishabh Shetty, surpassed Rs 200 crore. Following its popularity in Kannada, the movie—in which Shetty plays the lead—was rereleased in Hindi. Rajinikanth, Dhanush, Dulquer Salmaan, and Kangana Ranaut are just a few of the performers that have praised the movie and its creators.

Ahir Mitra
Ahir Mitra

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