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Still utilizing the traditional approach of resolving disputes in court? It’s time to become paperless, cashless, and contactless by rejecting costly litigation and embracing paperless, cashless, and contactless justice delivery alternatives. Jupitice’s suite of exclusive justice technology (JusTech) tools assure that obtaining justice is as easy and convenient as buying food online, says the firm’s CEO Raman Agarwal

The Jupitice is a digital justice service that may be received online from an assumed court order without the need to physically visit the court.With the full Jupitice Digital Justice Services, you may now access online ADR services from any location, at any time, and on any device. With the aid of properly qualified neutrals, you may now get a court-enforceable award (deemed decree) in less than 30 days.

Arbitration, mediation, and conciliation are the most often used dispute resolution methods, and each nation has its own, which are fundamentally the same. As a result, governments may use the Jupitice platform to resolve disputes with other countries more effectively and economically.Jupitice provides its services in 171 countries where it is deemed beneficial for the people to get prompt justice, because not only India, but also foreign countries, have a dispute resolution mechanism in place in order to engage in free trade with other nations, for which they can use Jupitice to easily resolve disputes.

Jupitice introduces a new and powerful line of products that will digitally revolutionize your dispute resolution experience.with the objective of providing “Justice as a Service,” Jupitice’s suite of proprietary justice technology (JusTech) solutions ensures that accessing justice is as simple and convenient as ordering meals online.Because it is not designed to harm health, mental health, or safety, it is best suited for ADR institutions, ADR practitioners, businesses, small company owners, e-commerce companies, and people.

To become a useful instrument not only for affluent persons, but for everyone, ADR requires understanding; hence, the court is fostering legal awareness among the population in order to maintain social peace.The Mediation provision will improve the arbitration procedure. Furthermore, the commercial court statute says that situations involving more than 3 lakh rupees must first go through mediation, which is a beneficial step for society.

The Jupitice is advantageous to India because of its favorable arbitration statute. Jupitice is also advantageous to society because it is a method for reducing court overcrowding.The Jupitice facilitates the resolution of conflicts between small firms, MSMEs, and individuals.Jupitice built a marketplace by promoting healthy competition by providing the highest quality services and showcasing professional profiles and pricing.

The Jupitice established an MSME court to give remedies to MSME persons. Even Jupiter facilitates MSME folks going through arbitration while sitting in their various regions.The Jupitice includes an MSME court option, where anyone may fill up all of the information of the disagreement, including name, amount, subject, and so on, and submit their case for a cost ranging from 4% to 5% of the claim amount. The case manager, judge, and so on are given, and the private parties’ issue is resolved outside of court.

The legal binding force of an arbitration decision is the same as the legal binding force of an arbitration decree.The Jupitice also intends to work with the Ministries of Consumer Affairs, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Industry, and RERA tribunals. Even the Jupiter is open to all clients, not only those of higher standing.

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