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In recently allocated 1.33 acres of land, SCBA is moving Supreme Court in search of lawyer chambers

On Monday, the Supreme Court Bar Association submitted a petition asking the Ministry of Urban Development to order the construction of barracks for lawyers on 1.33 acres of land that had been recently allotted to the Supreme Court and which is hidden behind a gas station close to the ITO. The petition, which was filed by the Supreme Court Bar Association on Monday, was posted by the bench of Indian Chief Justice UU Lalit and Judge Ravindra Bhat.

Vikas Singh, president of SCBA, has preferred to discuss the case himself, defence counsel for SCBA while testifying before the court said during the session. “Can government employees pose as attorneys? It is not permitted by the Indian Bar Association. Therefore, Bench has shown reluctance to issue notices at this time Vikas further asked. Advocates have consequently asked that the topic be discussed next week.

According to the petition, there are now a variety of advocates working for the Supreme Court, which has increased the demand for courtroom and other Supreme Court-related activities close to the Court. As a result, the Court Block of the Supreme Court can no longer hold the growing number of attorneys who qualified for the quota. “The Petitioners Association owes it to its members to accommodate their expanding needs and see that courts are swiftly assigned in accordance with seniority. In order to accommodate our expanding membership, we require more room.

Additionally, only 0.5 acres of the 1.33 acres allotted to the Supreme Court are designated for the Attorney’s Chamber Block, and only 400–500 rooms may be constructed on this property. The petition states that the remaining unoccupied site close to the Supreme Court, which is where he owns a 1.33-acre parcel of land, “must be fully exploited to construct a barn for lawyers.” increase. The petition further stated that the Attorney’s Office facilitates the administration of justice for members of the Petitioners Association.

The Indian Constitution’s Articles 14, 19(1)(g), and 21 violate the fundamental rights of members by prohibiting the allocation of chambers due to a lack of chamber blocks. to encourage Petitioners Association members to engage in professional activity. Courts like the Foreign Correspondence Club of the Indian Law Institute (ILI) and the Indian Institute of International Law (ISIL) are receiving petitions for their conversion to courts or for use as a court block or as a venue for proceedings involving the Supreme Court of India. used to develop new areas.

Anamika Singh
Anamika Singh

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