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How careers in Law will be affected by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting businesses and professions across the globe but will AI replace lawyers? Here’s how AI will impact careers in law.

Whenever technology evolves to disrupt the old ways, agitation amongst people quickly follows. The ambiguity and lack of understanding that originates is the root behind the unrest. Currently, a technology that is disrupting businesses and professions across the globe is Artificial Intelligence (AI). A lack of understanding and awareness of a complex and sophisticated technology that is AI has led to widespread fear within individuals. How is this affecting careers in law?

For years, only tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft were spearheading AI technologies and products. However, with greater and advanced technological understanding, AI is slowly trickling into other domains as well. While the question may seem jarring, it’s really not. Artificial Intelligence in law or any other domain can lead to richer understanding and conversation amongst students, professors, and lawyers alike.

ere is a look at how Artificial Intelligence can and will affect careers in law and future conversations within this industry:

1. AI is creating more jobs in law

This is the age of Industry 4.0, where humankind and machines will work hand in hand, and a working knowledge of computational technology will take professionals a long way. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence will lead to the creation of more data analytics jobs that can tap into legal and business datasets and generate actionable insights to improve the practice of law.

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