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Heated Argument Between Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay and Bar President Arunava Ghosh in Case of Teacher Recruitment Scam

Kolkata High Court witnessed an unprecedented scene where a sitting judge and the bar president heatedly debated. The Judge warned the lawyer for legal action and the bar president refused to back down under the threat.

The events transpired in the court of Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay after he allowed journalists to video record the proceedings in his court in the case relating to the teacher recruitment scam.

The judge said journalists cannot live-stream the proceedings on social media but can record the proceedings with their phones.

The Bar President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Calcutta, Arunava Ghosh, countered the same claim that it would give the judge a bad name. Judge Gangopadhyay, however, refused to back down which leads to a heated exchange between him and Ghosh.

Arunava Ghosh said in the court proceedings that there is a rumour that a journalist visits your chamber and stated, “I have seen since 6 years you are here, you have not passed a single judgment.” 

This made the justice angry and in return, the heated arguments between a Justice and the Bar president arose where in reply the justice said, “You have not read anything you do not state facts.” 

Justice Gangopadhyay also said to Arunava Ghosh don’t show me your red eyes. If you show, I will hold you under the rule of contempt.

Vanshika Jaiswal
Vanshika Jaiswal

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