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Have you heard about the ‘Digital Rape’?

(Article Written by Advocate Priyanka Singh)

“Digital rape” I know most of the people in our country are still not aware of this. What is the meaning of digital rape? So digital rape is a term which came in India in 2013. When heinous crime known as“Nirbhya rape” gang rape case happened in our capital city Delhi in 2012.

Government recognise ‘digital rape’ as in sexual offence and introduced it as a crime under the rape laws in India in 2013. For the first time a 75 years old man sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Digital Rape of a Minor in Noida this week.

On the 1st of September, A 75 years old man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the “DIGITAL RAPE” of a 3 years old girl in Noida’s Sector 39. Convict Akbar Ali is from West Bengal’s Malda, but he had been staying in Noida sector 39 with his relatives.

Actual incident of 2019

According to Special Public Prosecutor Neetu Bishnoi, “The Complainant (parents of the girl) said at 11 am that day, their daughter was playing outside their home. Alam inveigled her with candy and took her to his room and digitally raped her.” The complainant said, “My Daughter came home crying and she revealed the incident to her mother.”

The Police have claimed that Alam lived at his son-in-law’s home in the neighbourhood and no one was at his place when he committed the crime. Parents and other neighbours went to the police station and gave a written complaint against the accused. A medical examination was conducted of victim which confirmed the rape.

What is Digital Rape?

Digital Rape involves forcefully inserting one’s fingers, thumb, toe into an individual’s Private parts. This act is classified as in sexual offence under section 375 of IPC rape and the Protection of Child from Sexual offence (POSCO) Act. Before 2012 digital rape was not considered Rape.

The court order

Court has convicted Akbar Ali to life imprisonment under the (POSCO) Act Protection of children from sexual offences. The court of session and judge Anil Kumar pronounced Ali to life imprisonment on the basis of eight testimonies, reports and evidence.

Some other cases of digital rape in India

This month earlier a 50-year-old man Manoj Lala from Noida was arrested for digital

raping of a 7 months old girl child. A father was accused of digitally raping his daughter in June 2022 who was 5 years old and living with her parents in Noida extension. Her mother lodged the FIR when she realised the offence after her daughter complained of pain.

Rape statics in India

According to the 2021 annual report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 31677

RAPE cases were registered across the country, or an average of 86 cases daily. According to Legal Service India, in 29% of the rapes, the Criminal was someone who knew about the victim by their circle through their friends or relatives.


According to me most of the girls in our society still does not aware of digital rape. We should talk to our girls about this openly before such crime takes place. We should make our children aware of what is good touch or bad touch, and how they can protect themselves. Our girls should not talk to a stranger who has bad intentions towards her, try not to get convinced if someone tries to lure you. Lastly, I think our government. Should discover new laws or modify the old ones so that they can protect every woman or girl from these types of barbaric acts in our country.

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