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The First Private Court in India for Efficient and Affordable Justice

Overview of Jupitice:

The CEO, Raman Agarwal, will give us a brief overview of the workings and benefits of “Jupitice” in India, as well as the impetus for the establishment of the first private court. The Jupitice is a digital justice service obtained online from a presumed court order without having to physically visit the court. Still using the old method of settling issues by going to court? It’s time to modernise yourself by rejecting costly litigation and adopting paperless, cashless, and contactless justice delivery systems.

With the comprehensive Jupitice Digital Justice Services, you may now access online ADR services from any location, at any time, and on any device. You can now get a court-enforceable award (deemed decree) in less than 30 days with the assistance of professionally trained Neutrals.

Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation are the most popular mechanisms for resolving conflicts, and each country has its own, which is essentially same. Therefore, the Jupitice platform is made available to countries so that they can resolve their conflicts with other nations more efficiently and affordably.

Available in 171 countries for efficient and affordable dispute resolution

Jupitice provides its services in 171 countries where it is deemed beneficial for the people to obtain swift justice, because not only India but also foreign countries have a Dispute resolution mechanism in order to engage in free trade with other nations, for which they can use Jupitice to easily resolve disputes.

Jupitice unveils the exclusive and potent range of goods that digitally transforms your experience with dispute resolution. With a mission to provide “Justice as a Service,” Jupitice’s suite of exclusive justice technology (JusTech) tools assures that obtaining justice is as easy and convenient as buying food online.

Special Interview with the First Private Court CEO, Raman Agarwal.

Features of Jupitice:

It is best suited for ADR Institutions, ADR Practitioners, Corporations, Small Business Owners, e-Commerce Companies, and Individuals because it is not intended to effect health, mental, or financial difficulties.

ADR requires understanding to become a helpful tool not only for wealthy individuals, but for every single person; hence, the Judiciary is promoting legal awareness among the populace in order to preserve social harmony.

The mediation measure will enhance the arbitration process. In addition, the commercial court legislation specifies that matters involving more than 3 lakh rupees must undergo mediation before proceeding to court, which is a positive development for society.

Benefits of Jupitice in India

The Jupitice is beneficial for India due to its favourable arbitration law. Jupitice is also beneficial to society because it is a technique designed to alleviate court overcrowding.

The Jupitice expediently resolves disputes between small businesses, MSMEs, and individuals.

Economically, Jupitice created a marketplace by fostering healthy competition by delivering the highest quality services and displaying the profiles and rates of professionals.

The jupitice created an MSME court to provide MSME individuals with solutions. Even the jupitice makes it easier for MSME individuals to go through the arbitration while sitting at their respective locations.

The Jupitice has an MSME court option where individuals can fill in all the details of the dispute including name, amount, matter, etc. and file their case for a fee of 4% to 5% of the claim amount. The case manager, judge, etc. are provided and the dispute is settled outside of court for the private parties.

The legal binding force of the Jupitice through arbitration is identical to the legal binding force of a decree from arbitration.

Collaborating with Ministry of Consumer Affairs, MSME, Industry, and RERA tribunals

The jupitice also plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Ministry of Industry, and RERA tribunals. Even the jupitice is available to every single client, not just those with better status.


In his concluding remarks, Jupitice’s CEO, Raman Agarwal, discussed the company’s future by stating that two-thirds of those who do not currently have access to dispute resolution will be able to obtain it quickly and easily. Since disputes are a byproduct of every day-to-day activity, Jupitice will assist in resolving this issue by reducing the pendency of cases by resolving the remedy.

Khurram Nizami
Khurram Nizami


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