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Demolition of flats in NOIDA built by Supertech Ltd

(Story Written By BK Pal, Supreme Court Advocate)

The country is Shocked to hear the news of Demolition of Supertech Ltd flats built by it on Plot no.4 Sec.93A. NOIDA, Apex & Ceyane (T-16 and T-17) as per judgement of the Supreme Court dated 31st Aug, 2021 while upholding the order of the
of the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad.

The Court has directed the demolition to be carried out under the overall supervision of Central Building Research Institute Roorkee & in the event that CBRI expresses its inability to do so another expert agency shall be nominated by NOIDA the Cost of Demolition including incidental expanses the fee payable to the experts shall be borne by the appellant_SuperTech Ltd.

Mr.Saurabh Jain Advocate, one of the Counsel for a flat owner, who has appeared in the matter said that at present & in future time to come as well the flat owners are not going to get the same flat at such a destination/place for Such an amount which home buyers have invested although the same has been returned to them with interest.

There seems to be Violation of Anti Corruption Laws, namely The Prevention of Corruption Act,1988 which has led to causing such a loss to the concerned parties. Even the demolition of the towers (T-16 and T-17) of Emerald Court Group is costing huge sum of amount. It is reported that the dispute has arisen due to Green Area being encroached of the original flat owners.

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