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Constitution Day Celebration

Constitution Day celebrations are being celebrated on November 26, on which Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju, Chief Justice DY Chandrachud and members of the Supreme Court Bar Association attended. On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi launched the Digital Court App.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed everyone and in his address told why Constitution Day is special this time, the Prime Minister said in his address that India has completed 75 years of independence. The Prime Minister wished the nation on Constitution Day.The Prime Minister wished the nation on Constitution Day. Along with this, Prime Minister Modi has also remembered the terrorist attack in Mumbai on November 26, and paid tribute to the policemen and the dead in the Mumbai terrorist attack and said, 14 years ago, when India was celebrating its Constitution Day, then the terrorists carried out the biggest terrorist attack on the country. I pay tribute to the people killed in the Mumbai terror attack.

PM Modi said, the first three words of the Preamble of the Constitution- ‘We The People’ are not just words… It is a call, a pledge, a belief. India is moving forward by taking all its strengths and diversities together, behind this is our constitution.The Constitution of India has incorporated all the literary spirit of the country. Mothers, sisters and the poor of the country are being empowered. Laws of the country are being simplified for the common people. Talk of duties from Red Fort on 15th August was emphasized.

The nectar period of freedom is the period of duty for the country.India is moving forward overcoming every challenge. India is about to get the presidency of G20. India’s image of Mother of Democracy has to be strengthened. Youth should be a part of debates on constitutional issues, so that their understanding and interest in the constitution will increase. 15 women were included in the Constituent Assembly, when our youth will know about them, their curiosity about the importance of the Constitution will increase.

We have to strengthen India’s identity as the Mother of Democracy. The spirit of our constitution is ‘Youth Centric’. Today, on Constitution Day, I would also make a request to the country’s judiciary that debate and discussion should be increased in order to increase the understanding of the constitution among the youth.

Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju emphasized on the importance of regional languages ​​for justice at the Constitution Day celebrations. He plans to have a holistic solution for access to justice. Language is also a barrier to access justice in vast areas of India, so There is a need to promote the local language in the courts.

The BCI has constituted the Indian Language Committee under the chairmanship of former CJI Bobde to develop a common core vocabulary for all Indian languages ​​to translate legal material from English into local languages. Will work to deliver books and decisions, courts will also be allowed to use regional languages.

Kiren Rijiju also gave many important information in this function, he told that work will be done on preparing ‘Common Core Vocabulary’, in which vocabulary of 65,000 legal words is being made, all efforts to collect and digitize legal vocabulary Indian language committee has been set up under the leadership of former CJI Bobde to allow lawyers, courts to work in local languages.

Supreme Court Bar Association President Vikas Singh questioned the collegium system of the Supreme Court.

Vikas Singh said that the collegium system needs to be reformed, knowingly appointing personally is a wrong process, there is no such system in the collegium to know which type of lawyer is there in which court, many high courts And the law firm has good lawyers who should be appointed to the court. Vikas Singh stressed on the need for reform in the Anti-Defection Law, strictness on the anti-defection law and also said that there should be legal measures to tighten the screws on the tainted leaders.


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