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Calcutta High Court requests CID investigation and Bar Council report on attorney using false address and phone number

The Calcutta High Court ordered the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) to look into the matter after discovering that a lawyer through whom a writ petition was filed did not exist at his address listed on record. Justice MD. While giving his judgement in this case , Nizamuddin instructed the state t Bar Council to investigate the matter and find out whether the said advocate on record Avijit Pal was even enrolled in the State Bar Council or not.
The Bench further requested the Registry to make sure that when petitions were filed, the pleadings included the advocates’ registration numbers. “Affidavits, writ petitions, and applications must now include the learned Advocate-on-record registration number from the Bar Council of West Bengal at the time of affirmation and filing, according to the Commissioner Oath and Filing Section of both the Appellate Side and the Original Side.”
The counsel for the petitioner appeared to be nonexistent at his address, and hence judge in this case was informed. Furthermore, none of the locals were aware of or familiar with Pal. In another instance submitted through Pal, the petitioner had expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that neither she nor anyone else had the authority to bring the lawsuit.
In August 2022, the High Court sent the case to DIG (CID) for investigation on the basis of report-writing as per the complaint.
When the case was in proceeding, advocate of Calcutta High Court was present at the court room namely while she stated that Justice MD. Nizamuddin that the advocate on record shall also provide their enrolment number that they are given at the time of enrolment at any State Bar Council and said the Advocate Avijit Pal was also an advocate on record in another case. Furthermore, she also mentioned that Justice MD. Nizamuddin stated that at the time of hearing the advocate who is representing the parties must appear the court or any other authorized representative must be there at the time of the hearing of respected cases.

Ahir Mitra
Ahir Mitra

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