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Bombay High Court’s Solution to Stray Dogs Menace: Provide Care and Food

Care stray dogs and they will never be aggressive: Bombay High Court To Residential Complex Management….. How to ensure that stray dogs never turn to be aggressive. This question is prevailing as few incidents of stray dogs getting violent have hogged the headlines. Solution of this problem came from Bombay High Court. The Court said that little care and foods may help to solve this menace. The Court observed recently while seeking an amicable solution between the management of Seawoods Estate Limited and dog lovers from the society.

“If the strays are left unattended, that includes feeding, sterilization, vaccination or necessary treatment when they are ill or sick, you will have a problem with the strays coming in (the society) looking for food and getting aggressive… This issue is best solved by working together. If you provide food and some amount of care, the dogs will not get aggressive,” observed Justice Gautam Patel.
The court also added once Bombay High Court have also witnessed the same issue. “Nobody can tell a dog or a tiger what its territorial limits are, they don’t know your boundaries of Seawoods Estate. We had this problem (strays) in the Bombay High Court. We solved it by feeding them. Now they just sleep,” Justice Patel quipped.

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“It is possible for you to persuade us, it’s not possible for you to persuade a dog,” Justice Patel said after SEL’s counsel Advocate Aditya Pratap suggested a boundary to avoid accidents. Advocate Abha Singh appeared for two dog bite victims and pointed out the tree belts.
The court urged that parties find other feeding spots. “We may not create rights in favour of the petitioners (dog lovers), but we will create a series of obligations. The Seawoods Estate doesn’t have to pay for upkeep but just provide a safe area. Individuals will maintain it, keep it clean,” the bench said.

Khurram Nizami
Khurram Nizami

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