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Arrangements Made To Ensure Subramanian Swamy’s Safety: Centre to Delhi High Court

A proper plan has been put in place to ensure Subramania Swamy’s safety and security at his private residence in the nation’s capital, the union government informed the Delhi High Court on Thursday.

Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain made the submission in response to an appeal Swamy made over security arrangements at his private property.

Former Rajya Sabha MP had voiced security concerns regarding his private accommodations in the nation’s capital, and the court had last week ordered the Central Government to produce a “more complete affidavit” to reassure the court that these concerns “will be appropriately met.”

Senior attorney Satya Sabherwal, representing Swamy stated that he will leave the government housing to the Estate Office by Saturday.

“In view of the aforesaid, the proceedings on the present application shall stand closed,” said Justice Varma.

After the hearing Swami tweeted, “Govt which two days ago said something else today told the Delhi High Court that Govt will give full attention and ensure Z Security arrangements in Nizamuddin residence as per Yellow Book. I was not in Court because I had a brilliant Senior Advocate assisted by Satya Sabherwal.

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