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Advocate moves Kerala High Court seeks 1 Cr. compensation to the family of a doctor killed by a man referred for a medical examination

A lawyer approached the Kerala High Court seeking compensation of Rs 1 crore to the family members of 23-year-old house surgeon Dr Vandana Das, who was brutally murdered by an injured man brought to the hospital by the police.

In the early hours of May 10, Dr. Das, a 23-year-old domestic surgeon, was stabbed to death by a school teacher named Sandeep, who was brought to the hospital for a medical check-up because he was enraged. battle The petition was filed in the Supreme Court by lawyer Manoj Rajagopal, a state committee member of the legal unit of the BJP.

The petition said he was shocked by the incident, which could have been avoided if adequate security had been provided to the hospital. “The medical community across the state has often demanded that the government provide necessary security to hospitals. According to the petition, physical attack on doctors has increased day by day. It was asserted that although there was police assistance in the State Hospital, the police were not active in defending the illegal actions of the accused.

“The police are obliged to anticipate a dangerous situation in such a hospital, and therefore must be very efficient and vigilant during their working hours. Retreating/running away from the police is not justified under any circumstances,” the statement read Thus, there was a systematic failure in the matter which led to the murder of Dr. Das as alleged by the petitioner.

“In fact it violated the fundamental right guaranteed to Dr. Vanadana Das under Article 21 of the Constitution of India,” the plea added. Rajagopal stated that he understood that a crime was under investigation when Sandeep was allegedly a member of a service organization of the CPI(M) (Communist Party of India (Marxist)).

Another factor that contributed to his arrest is that there are significant differences in the police FIR about the incident. Therefore, the petitioner requested that the court award a compensation of Rs₹ 1 crore to the parents of late Dr. Das within the stipulated time. He also sought orders for the court to oversee the investigation into the case.He further said that the court should issue directions to secure doctors, nurses and other staff in hospitals across the state and direct the state government to provide armed police officers to all victims in government hospitals across the state.

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